A Classic Flexible Tool Adds To the Lineup : Joby Podzilla!

I know you have to have one of the most versatile, classic tools in your kit:
A Joby flexible tripod called the Gorillapod!
For many years, this company has given the photo and video community unique tools to capture images from anywhere!
Yes, years ago, I did the first Photoinduced review of the Joby Gorillapod lineup by attaching a heavy video camera onto a railing, and on the other side of the scale, had a point and shoot camera attached to a metal surface utilizing the magnetic feet of a much smaller unit.
These products, and honestly the full line from small to heavy duty, have been a standard in my kit. The solution to so many mounting problems.
Now they have come out with new version of the classic that speaks to a new market, the Podzilla!

It’s not a replacement, but an addition!
In the original, you had to add a tripod head to attach the camera (or light, or microphone)

With this new version, the ball head is built in, with a bubble level.

So with the Podzilla, you get a new visual design with the same quality and support.
You do have some restrictions on how heavy your camera can be, although the weight of cameras has gone down! It does support up to 5.5 lbs.

Who is this flexible tripod for?
The vlogger will now have an all-in-one tripod, the ability to wrap the legs around anything, or work with uneven surfaces to secure a mirrorless camera, or smartphone.

And the traveller who needs a versatile solution to get the unique shots, with a lighter weight.

I do feel that Joby has served my needs for almost 15 years! On a personal side, I have used it for face time calls with family when i need to share things like a birthday cake on a table and a regulation tripod won’t maneuver to the best place

As always, the right tool for the job.

To attach your camara, they have a separate ¼-20 standard tripod mounting plate to put onto your camera.

This way you can set your Podzilla to just the right place, and then add your camera with a fast, secure, snap in.

Or maybe just hand hold the whole deal!

They do have magsafe add-ons if you want to quickly place your phone to begin your content fast.

I would recco the large unit, for the most versatility with a range of cameras. And it’s just over 12″, so it’ll pack easy in your bag.

And of course, as I only mentioned, when you want to put an LED light into a specific place or want a microphone in a proper location for the best recording, these tools are in valuable. Put put that speedlight  where you need it!

Yes, this photo is from a review of Joby products i did in 2009. More down below.

Now, the collection I own of the Joby flexible tripods are all still in use, and at least one is an EDC (everyday carry) in my kit.

There is one other Joby Product that is ALWAYS in my bag:
It’s the BlueTooth record/shutter trigger for your phone. I have an older one , that still does the job.

There is a newer version called the Impulse 2, but I’m using an older, smaller unit that I picked up out of BH.

Here is the current version, that works up to 80 ft, and uses bluetooth 5.0


It is nice small device in reality, battery operated.

If you have ever wanted to do an on-the-spot social post, especially on your phone. This little gem will let you start and start your video hands off, and then no need to add that extra edit.

There have been many Gorillapod imitators. A whole lot. When you have a product that lasts like the Joby Flexible Tripods, as illustrated in this post, you should just follow the rule of buy the best, and buy it once.

As promised here are some of the photos using the Joby Gorillapods from 2009!

When a product line has been around for years, and still delivers, I’m on board!

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