Fuji Announces New Camera, Improved APP, & WA Lens

Big day of news over at Fuji, and we’re here for it!

Let’s start with the latest camera.

Now that everyone is vlogging (aren’t you?) the industry has come to answer your need!

The new Fuji X-S20, added in addition to the X-S10 has arrived with a ton of new features to make your vlogging heart skip a beat!

Thought I was over promising?
How about a Vlogging function on the PSAM dial!

One thing that influencers have always complained about is when they are talking about a product, and then hold it to camera, the time lag to refocus has been an issue.
This new camera is supposed to solve that lag issue.

From a larger battery for longer shooting time ( same as X-T4, X-T5 and H2, H2s),


to improved AF subject detect,

you may want to consider this as a dedicated influencer camera.

The 3.5mm mic and headphone jacks are on opposite sides of the camera, so may make your cable management easier.

the HDMI is the mini version.

the S10 is still in the line-up and at about $300 less, it may still serve your needs. But…..Get future proofed!


My only complaint is the single media card slot. But you can’t get everything!

That wasn’t all that was announced.

How about an improved Fuji app?

What’s that you say? About time? Yep, we agree, although I’m a big fan of the wireless firmware updates currently available.

They have added a history function so you can see just what you uploaded, film simulation. etc.

You still can’t upload a RAW or RAF file so be committed to your jpegs.

One of my main uses is when I do a pixel shift image, or remote control of the camera, and should be as good, or improved

And you did see the new wide angle 8mm lens on the S20 above.

The samples sent looked like there were no distortion issues, although I haven’t had a chance to shoot with it.

And for those of you out there with an X-H2, H2s, or X-T5, you get some updates as well:


OK, there you have it!

Lots to go over.

Is this the camera for you?

I would say, as mentioned, that this could be a dedicated influencer/livestream/creator camera, with a ton of dedicated features for those operations.

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