Joby Smartphone “Swing” Slider – Upgrade Your Content

If you are a content creator, you know the gear you should have.
Or do you?
As most of the content on TikTok has, primarily, a static camera, and maybe a ringlight, hopefully some audio that is more than a headset mic, you may want to stand out a little bit more.
When I shoot an interview, for instance, I will use a 2-3 camera set-up, with one of the cams, on a slider.
What that does is add a bit of motion, even slightly, that gives you something to cut to or from, that adds visual interest to your production. In those instances I use the Edelkrone system on large tripods for stability, within the movement, and for the weight of the cameras.
If you are doing a smartphone bit of content, you kit is way smaller, and you may still want the extra visual boost of a moving camera. Chances are you will only use it as a “B” roll, or product insert shot.
Enter the Joby Swing Slider!
I’ve had a chance to work with this a bit and wanted to share a way I use it, although a bit different than the usual side to side.
How about in and out?


Now the goal is to have some elements for the camera to go past in this usage, so you have a true sense of depth. I had a camera, a Rubiks cube as you can see, with a Joby tripod supporting a business card, and added a puzzle ball behind, to complete the depth.

You can do the horizontal slider action, as well, but I wanted to show you another way to do it.

In addition, the slider connects to an app, and the connection is very fast.
You get to choose speed of the move and use the touch screen on the smart phone to set your start and stop points.

Plus you can do time lapses with the app!
I do love a good time lapse, and as I usually connect a camera to a power source, so as not to lose the shot, I have not yet tested this for long time lapses, and have just used the battery life on the unit. Since you don’t use those shots a ton, it ain’t Koyaanisqatsi,

And unless you are doing a ton of shots with the slider, the built in battery works just fine!

The unit also has a level so you can be sure to get your horizon line as you like them.

Have a look at this instructional video, so you can get an idea of its set-up:

Overall, I really like this unit. Also, feel that a heavier base camera stand may yield better results.
As you can guess, I only had the slider, and used other bits to put together the sample. I did use a heavier base camera stand for the video, by Edelkrone.

Yes, easy to do your vertical content, so no worries there!
One other thing to note is that the buttons on the iPhone may get pressed by you phone holder, but I’m sure you have experienced that before.
I mention it because the balance may be affected by how the phone is mounted, primarily in the horizontal format, depending how long you are having the slider travel.

So there you have it! About $140, for the whole kit.

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