Content Creators: Change Up Your Lighting Game!

We have all seen, and probably used, a ring light.
Basically, this gives you a shadowless light that may be flattering, although EVERYONE has been using this!
If you don’t believe me, have a look at the eye in a screen grab. In what we call a catchlight, you can see the ring light on the eye.
Not saying it’s bad, but maybe it’s time to change up your setup to add a bit more distinction to your content.
Joby has designed a full lighting kit for the smartphone creator with a new attention to detail: a background light.

It’s called the Beamo Deluxe Studio Lighting Kit! 

It’s a mouthful , so I’ll break it down for you.

Yep, most of time, people shoot with one light, and if you are making a vid that highlights a product, a more pro look is lighting the background for separation.
Now, this setup assumes you are shooting in a controlled space when you use the full set-up.
What do you get?

First of all, a main light with cold shoes around the rim to add on a mic, for instance.

It is also mounted on a hinge to allow for angle adjustments. I use features like things for product shots as well.

A stand that is weighted and has height adjustments, from 27″ to 37″.
A Joby phone holder, so you can place your phone vertical or horizontal, depending on your content. And as most Joby gear holders, it is flexible, plus it can attach to the pole of the light holder at your choice of height.

A background light that has a stand to adjust the angle, OR, use the standard ¼-20 screw hole to place it wherever on another stand. The light has choices of a ton of colors to help separate the background.

I do wish white was an option, but not on this unit.



OK, now that you have all of these items sorted, you will need a couple of more things:
Like a lot of us, I plugged both lights into separate phone charger batteries. They give you the cables with enough cable length to get to the power source easily.
With that knowledge, you can decide whether this is best on a set, or location.
My vote is a set (or wherever you shoot inside)
I have not checked on the power drain, but after reviewing these for hours, I was good with a 10,000-mAp battery on each.
To be clear, the lights are not battery powered, but easy to sort out.

On the control side of things, they designed the cable on the main light with a control hub with a good length so you can adjust the intensity, and kelvin (daylight/indoor) temp appropriately. It’s magnetic, so it stays where you want it to. Plus it has a sticky backing so you can keep it more secure on the base.

Just set your height, use a twisty or other cable tie to  secure it to the pole, and set the control module on the base if that’s your easiest access point,

On the background light, the controls are on the unit itself, so you will need to set by looking at you screen for best results.

The basics are this:
Quality of light on the Main Light is great. Intensity range worked well, as did the color balance.
Having 4 cold shoes around the light added a versatility for add ons.
The light stand, with the weighted base, is well made, and creates a solid set-up.
The phone holder is typical solid Joby quality.
Background light has a small stand, so you will have to find a flat surface to set it on. Thank goodness the ¼-20 is there so you can add another way to mount that light.

As mentioned, if you want to mount the background light in a different way, you can add a Joby tripod to customize your placement. Here you can see the stand removed, and mounted on a Joby mini tripod. I do have a bunch of these tripods, and have for years, as they are a great part of the kit.

I would recommend a wireless mic system, like the Ankerwork . What i like about the Anker setup is that it comes with iPhone and Android connectors that plugs right into the phone and place your mic on your person, or connect a lavalier. Of course you can also attach a mic to one of the 4 cold shoes, connect to your phone. I did a review on this earlier this year showing a variety of options to connect mics to a smartphone.

There are some things I wish this had:
White light option on the background light.
An included carry case to store or transport the set. It can be broken down easily, but saving the boxes it came in, may not be the best solution, although that’s what you have.

An overall solid addition to your lighting kit, and at the reasonable kit price, also a great option for your Zoom call lighting needs.
$100? Yep, righteous deal for your lighting options.

BTW, same price on Amazon, and BH, so you might as well get it straight from Joby

Change your light just to keep it fresh!

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