The Little Product That Is Going Right Into My Bag!

As I start gathering all of the latest products for our annual Holiday Gift Guide, I’m seeing an interesting pattern:
It seem to be 2 major categories: Content Creation Tools, and pro-end products all designed to make your projects look the best that they can be.

Let’s start with this MagSafe light from Joby. Called the Beamo™ Ring Light for MagSafe

Imagine a ringlight with 4 levels of intensity, 4 hours of power, that can be attached to your phone by MagSafe.

This little unit is complete with a mirrored surface to make sure you are lit right, and the best part: it stays on the back of your phone with the beauty of MagSafe.

From the back:

Use the mirrored surface to make sure you are seeing what you want on your phone

And if your phone or case doesn’t have mag capability, they include a sticky metal adaptor one in the full kit:
Folding light, metal mag ring, charging cable, and a perfect bag to carry it al in. About $50

Now, this is not only good for a selfie type vid, but also illuminates a product, when you fold it back, so you have a great light to illuminate what’s in front of you.

You can also swing it to the side:

And of course FaceTime calls!
All still in the same place on the phone! Plus you can recharge using the batteries you charge your phone with! Yes, it is USB-C.

One way I have also used it, is on my laptop. Use the included ring and place on you laptop, or monitor back and attach the light via the MagSafe capability.

The size and design is what got me on this.

I have carried around a variety of diff lights for my phone, but this one is the winner. Light weight, foldable, daylight balanced color temp, and 4 levels of light.

This now lives in my bag. I highly recommend it!



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