“Animalizer” and “Me So Holy” – Some New iPhone Photo Apps

Let’s walk over to the fun side of town. That place where you can take your snaps and play around with them right on your phone.
Yep, the movie hasn’t started yet, or the doctor is making you wait way too long, and you want to be productive. Or creative.
Or not go to Facebook again. So you turn to your mobile device (yeah, I said it)
So this guy Benjamin Kahle came up with a brilliant little easy to use iPhone photo app called “Animalizer.” For .99 cents you can’t lose.
Easy to use, funny, and a great thing to share and embarrass your friends.
Essentially, you pick a photograph of a member of the animal kingdom to work with, use a photo in your library, or take a new one, easily combine the 2, moving elements around with your finger, add a text bubble if you like, and Voila! you have done the impossible. Or improbable. Right in your hands. Save it, send it, whatever.
Hey kids! Save it on your iPhoto and make a greeting card. Fun for the whole family!



Thank you Sarah, for the use of your face.

Based on that same premise of combining photos in a way that could make the animal kingdom cringe, Benjamin came up with a way to place you or your friends face onto the body of a religious icon or leader. Of course, JC is in there.

Well that’s when the manure hit the fan.

Apple, still sensitive over it’s baby shaking app, and they should be, rejected this one called “Me So Holy”.

OK, we almost fell over laughing at the title, as he turned the classic line from Full Metal Jacket, that had also found it’s way into a song by 2 Live Crew, into the app’s name,

Me So Holy iPhone App from Benjamin Margolis on Vimeo.

This rejection has been getting a ton of coverage by the mainstream media, as he has now entered into the religious zone.
Oh yeah. Put your face on a sheep? No problem.
But if you’re telling me you can have your face on JC’s body. Sacrilege? or just fun?
It seems that the Apple store won’t let you decide. Yet.

This summer should bring some new apps that may be more adult minded, with controls that require certification of age. Like buying alcohol, as opposed to if you are tall enough to get on this ride.

ilunch-colorsplash1Now we keep trying to bring out what we feel are the cool photo app for iPhone, based on what we see and use.
Camera Bag, Photogene, Color Splash, Picoli and HP iPrint are the apps we use all the time.

The image on the right was done with Color Splash, which converts your photo to B&W, then you use your stubby little fingers to add color where you want it. And there is a video you can play on your iPhone that teaches you how to do it.
Tons of fun, just wish I could use the Wacom pen for this.
Thanks Ashley for the turn on!

Tons of others, of course. Dig Photocalc, when needed. Mostly for sunrise and sunsets based on GPS location.
There are new ones coming out way all of the time, and we’ll try em out and let you know what we think.

Is there an app that you dig, that we should share here?
Let us know and we’ll happily take it for a spin and see what it can do.

So, if you are one of the over 20 million iPhone owners, and are lucky enough to be on ATT, you know that there is more to life than just phone, email, and txt. Hit the app store and search photo!

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