What’s in my bag?

Well, whenever I travel, as in fly, I have to pack tight, light and right.
The gear that goes has to be rugged, have a purpose and many times, have some back-up.
On this last trip, since stills are always a part of the deal, and video gets packed in there too, a hybrid pack was developed.
The main attraction is the Nikon D700 w/ a 24-70 2.8 lens, set on the shoulder with a very comfortable Crumpler Industry Disgrace camera strap. After trooping around Austin for days at SXSW, a comfortable strap is essential.

And with the Nikon D700, it’s full frame, my favorite 51 point focusing system, able to react as fast as it should, enough exposure controls which get pre-set and numbered so depending on the main environs, customization is a button press away. And the glass…ahhh that sweet, fast 2.8 lens, works it hard .
The high noiseless ISO, saves me innumerable times. Even when i have to crop for the shot, there is plenty of clean room in the file.
In the apartment I rent (always preferred to a hotel) setting up your workspace is key and this little area gave me a glare-free environment plus access to the power strip.

The media cards are traveled in a zippered case, because it’s harder to lose the separate cards in their plastic holders. For me anyway.

The readers get doubled up. There is the Lexar firewire and the Delkin Express, which slips into the card port.
Now the Delkin unit saw more action this trip due to logistics:
The external hard drive of choice is the G-Tech G-DRIVE mini Triple Hard drive 320 GB –
which spins a fast 7200 rpm and has it’s own bus-powered fan. Great for stills, essential for video.
And when the G-tech was plugged in, that took too much space so the lexar was crowded. Hence the Delkin reader.
This trip saw the first time use of the Hoodman Raw SDHC Card Reader
. small and did the job, that’s all I ask for.


Batteries got their juice from the Delkin Dual Universal Charger
(except the Canon Elph) which allows you to mix and match batteries for charging 2 units at a time. Needed that.
As we had mentioned before the Canon PowerShot SD780IS12.1 MP Digital Camera
became our pocket camera, when the big boy was too much. And it worked hard capturing video and stills at a moments notice, with no unsightly bulge.

Always in the bag were 2 out of 3 of these pups:


The Joby Gorillapods in mini had a tripod screw AND a suction cup deal that was used for the old iPhone.


The tripod mount held the Canon when video was needed and I was the only one around. The XShot Camera Extender
was just a fun deal that got some attention as I could be included in the shot. Sometimes, I’d use it for video and it had a strange, Mean Streets look to it, if you know that scene with Harvey Keitel. Anyone?


OK, the big one was outfitted with a giottos ball head and could hold the other video camera, complete with the cool Litepanels, new micro pro adjustable LED light. On this new battery powered unit, added gels was super easy and brilliantly designed.
Throw in the lavalier mic, body packs, and HD tape and we were set.
By the way, that camera may be going through a change, although when on the road, recording to a hard media like a tape is a comforting thought.


Since we were out of the country, extra plug adaptors and transformers were part of the kit and traveled in a net zipper bag so it was obvious what was there. the red thing is a multi USB connector picked up at a design store. As long it works, a little cool design ain’t bad.

So wrap it all up and pack it into the Think Tank Airport International
, and this set-up goes with me all over the world. On board, in the hands.

On site, it always gets broken down and transported in another bag, it could be ThinkTank Urban Disguise, or a Crumpler 8 million dollar home, or a Lowepro Sling bag, or maybe just an Oakley backpack.
Whatever the venue is, the bag is appropriate, and I’ve used them all. Lots of factors come into play, and your mileage may vary.
So that is an overview of what travels around the world me these day.
Sometimes, additional lenses, always a Flip UltraHD Camcorder,
, rechargeable batts with the charger packed in the suitcase, mini power strips in the states, a 3M privacy screen for the laptop, especially on the plane. best for everyone.

What do you take on your trips?
Maybe we can highlight one of you every month and we can share some tips.
Email or comment right here with any questions you may have.

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