Iris Nights at the Annenberg Space For Photography – Thursday Night Lectures Become Part of the Fabric of LA

Since they opened in the Spring, the Annenberg Space for Photography has been offering us a chance to hear from working photographers, speaking about their work, and sharing images, both part of our visual collective and some so personal you gain a new insight into the mind behind the camera.
What a great way to start your Thursday evening. And it’s free. And Parking in the tony Century City complex is only a dollar.
Each photographers name below links to their websites so you can check out their work.

With speakers like Steve McCurry,
_KWP1573-49 @ Damon Webster

Dan Winters,
annnenberg winter@ Damon Webster

Matt Black
annenberg matt (31 of 31)@ Damon Webster

Emilio Morenatti
_ANB1350@ Damon Webster

and a huge list of upcoming lectures you can see here.

Like Pulitzer prize winner, David Hume Kennerly, this Thursday.

-116 © Damon Webster

The photographic community has been given a gift of a venue where the you can hear from photographers themselves, the stories behind their work. Perhaps you can get a personality check that may influence your perception of an image. Or learn a tip about how you can pursue a similar path.
As they are videotaping each lecture, it appears that the lecture will be made available to the public at some point in the future. We don’t like telling you about stuff that you can’t take advantage of, but we know this particular situation will change.

We talk about this space from time to time because it is a unique venue in Los Angeles, that has brought a ton to the world of photography.

This is what the venue looks like, and we think there is a chair for you in there.


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