What’s In The Bag? – This time Chris Weeks shows us the goods

A few weeks ago, we ran into a photographer at an event in Hollywood, and since we usually chat up the shooters, this time was no exception.
Chris Weeks is a freelance photographer based in LA, who has one of the freshest takes on the standard assignments that occur in a photogs life.
Check out the work here.
Now we featured a series of his Street Photography videos not long ago ago, and knew we had to check out what kind of gear he was toting.
He was kind enough to reveal the goods, not only in his basic gear bag, but also his DSLR video rig. W’re making this into a 2 parter because there is so much to go through.
Not only does Chris have a unique vision, but his honestly also shines through in his assessment of gear and why he uses it.
You really need to hear this stuff from the folks that make a living with their photography. They depend on this equipment to make a living, and put it through some pretty rugged real world situations. Again and again.

So here is Part 1 of “What’s in the Bag” with Chris Weeks:

Come back soon for Part 2 , where Chris gives you his take on the a full up DSLR video rig

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