Mobile – Yes, It’s an App.

We knew that eventually, the big companies would be here.
Lots of great smaller developers are creating some amazing mobile software for photographers.
We applaud them and download them.

You do know that you don’t have to suffer through the ATT phone misery, right? With a stand alone iTouch you can download apps to your hearts content (almost), answer email, surf the web, play your games and have up to a 64 gig iPod in your hands.
You just can’t make phone calls.
Ok, enough of that.

We’ve been looking at, downloading, and paying for numerous photography applications, or apps, looking for the ones that we actually would use. Maybe even on a regular basis.
Sure, we were happy.
Then this came along.
Adobe can now be accessed, even in a trimmed down version. On your iPhone. OR your iTouch.
Check out mobile.


By simplifying most of the actions you would ever need to do on a mobile photo, and then syncing with a free online service giving you free 2 gb of storage, it’s a big win.
Just using the touch screen feature, you basically move your fingertip across the screen to adjust the exposure, saturation, contrast, etc.

Yes, there are a bunch of programs that will do this, currently out there.
Our fave has been Photogene, and the main difference here, are some of the effects choices( rotate and flip? sweet!) plus the share capability of the free service,


And of course you can crop away and only send the sweetest part of the photo. the grid makes things a bit easier and you will be used to it from your time with Photoshop products. And if you haven’t used them before this is a nice intro, although it’s just a grain of sand in the beach that is Photoshop.

EffectsThey have added some of the features of the online versions so you can have a look at some of the changes before they occur in a convenient bar across the top. Scroll across and see what may look good to you.
We dig the vignette blur although we wish you could move the image around to place the vignette exactly where you wanted. Maybe in the update.

It will save an untouched version for you, so if you have recriminations later and feel like you corrected in haste, no worries. The wayback machine abides, and you can try again.

So lets recap: easy to use, all of the main tools you would need, some cool extra effects, and the ability to share online in an album perhaps. Oh, yeah, we did say free. With a good amount (2gigs) of storage online.

You can upgrade your storage, if you like, and use as the online storage home for your digital photo life. Backed-up, secure, and the ability to share. And now with a mobile component for editing, even easier.

By the way there is a Windows version of the mobile application, but at this time, it doesn’t have the edit features, but does have the share features.

Now if only Apple would add a built-in Flash to the iPhone we’d be all set.

What do you think, Mr. Jobs?

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