Canon 7D-1080P, 24FPS, and 12,800 max ISO. Oh yeah, it takes still photos, too

The race continues on.
Or is it a competition?
Every new DSLR coming down the pike, is all about the video improvements, although it usually helps the still side of the equation, also.
Whichever way you look at it, the customer wins.
Canon introduced this new 7D, and took care of some of the issues folks had with the 5D video options: 24FPs and 25FPS were great improvements and the incredibly high ISO range, up to 12,800 is pretty useful.

Chuck Westfall, from Canon, takes you on a little tour of the camera:

For about $1700 USD, it’s a very powerful unit for whatever you want to do, stills or HD video.
Improvements include a simpler way to get into the Live View and subsequently, video.
We do hope that, one day, these DSLR video rigs will shoot in a RAW video format for the highest quality.
Maybe the next round.

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