Weekly Giveaway – Who Shot Rock & Roll? It’s all here

( the answer for the weekly giveaway of 3/24/2010 is : TINA TURNER)

Currently at the Brooklyn Museum, this full accounting of the photographic record of Rock & Roll hangs in all it’s glory.
But you know how we like to share stuff that the whole group can enjoy. We can tell you about an exhibit, however being able to experience some of the work, right in the comfort of your own home is a good thing.
51iIQ9TZhLL._SS500_So this week we have 2 copies of this very cool book for you.
Who Shot Rock and Roll: A Photographic History, 1955-Present is a fairly complete look at the major players in that arena, along with some of those whom you may not know their name but know their work.
Curated by Gail Buckland, she wandered through the archives of over 100 photographers, to pick out images even they had forgotten about and wrote of their history. She has either collaborated on or written 11 books of photographic history and has been a professor at Cooper Union in NYC, so she come from a solid place of knowledge regarding the relevance of the images.

What we particularly like about the book are the stories behind the photos. Or the mindset of the shooters at the time. Sure, there are plenty of current players in this field represented like Mark Seliger, but do you know who Don Hunstein is?
Only the photographer of perhaps the most iconic album cover in rock history. Freewheeling Bob Dylan.
No, seriously.
This book caused us to seek out the rest of the work of many of the folks in here.
And the layout is great because there are bit size nuggets of copy to give you an insight. Just enough to tease.
Our only complaint is that they sometimes send you to the back of the book for the last bite of verbiage.
On the way though, you’ll catch all of the album covers these artists covered in miniature form.
All in all, this a great collection of rock & rollers captured by some of the unsung heroes, as well as the celebrities in their own rights.
There is a reason it made our Holiday Gift Guide this year.

So, this week we have 2 of these books to give away. Pretty sweet, right?

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