In Praise of Print

Ok, We know you are reading this online.
And by now you may have visited about 4-5 of your favorite sites to get some top line info.
Maybe you even watched a short tutorial on the latest Photoshop technique.
We did.
But then we are going to a local restaurant for lunch. The perfect place to peruse the latest photo mag.
We’re talking paper, came in the mail, in the hand, magazine.
We won’t have to secure the coveted spots near an outlet either.
This summer, whenever we hit the beach, it was great to pack in a few mags to pick through some of the latest techniques. And cover our face when the sun got too hot.
Not doing that with the laptop.
Whenever we go to a photo site online, the “teaser lines” will be what determines how long we stay on that site.
When we look through a magazine, chances are we’re going all the way through.

And we always find something of value: shooting tip, new product ad, readers photo, etc.
This is not a Luddite love letter. C’mon we’re an online community.
We are not saying one is better than another, nor is one dead. There is room for all.
You know we love our photography books, filed with quality duotone or tritone printing.

It’s the mags we subscribe to, and will keep subscribing to, that’s the subject here.

One one hand we love to look through the Popular Photography ,Shutterbug, American Photo , and Photo District News, for a general look at the world of gear, features, business practices, and ads.

Seriously, since we love photography, we are looking at the ads for new products that maybe we missed at all of the trade shows. The 1st 3, can be had for about $1. an issue, and you’ll get you’re money’s worth.

One of our favorites is the Photoshop User mag. Included as part of your membership to NAPP, this mag gives us a full up assignment each month using, of course, Photoshop. The writers for all of these lessons, make it easy to follow, and succeed. That monthly lesson alone is worth the price of membership. Plus you can ask them CS questions online as part of the deal.

Then we get to what we consider the fine art mags: Aperture and B&W Magazine.

With extremely high quality printing in a softcover quarterly, Aperture brings you the latest fine art photographers work, along with tributes to the masters. This organization depends on mag subs, book sales, and limited edition print sales to survive. We should all be there to support them.
In a more traditional magazine format, B&W celebrates the classic black and white photograph. with profiles, exhibit news, gallery listings, and “easy does it” on the gear. You’ll be able to get a starting viewpoint on the fine art market for photography.

So those are the main mags we subscribe to and look forward to them every month or quarter.

You see, it’s not a matter of one thing being dead and another going away. We feel that there is a place for all of them.
You’re not going to take your laptop into every room in the house, after all.

Well, we’re going to dig back into the Sunday Times, and have another cuppa coffee.

What are your favorite photo mags?

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