Sit in front of a computer much?

One of the more surprising exhibitors at CES was the Herman Miller design company.
Amongst all of the gadgets and gizmos, 3D TV’s, E -reader/slates, phones, and power devices, was a chair. And a desk
What a brilliant call to show off the latest items.
We all spend many, many hours in a chair, sitting at a desk, looking at at least one monitor.
There is a certain fatigue that sets in after a long session editing and Photoshopping your work, and we’ve all been there.
In the Dot.Com era, the Herman Miller Aeron chair became the seat of choice for the new techie guru to lord over their digital realm. Total control on the seat, and total comfort.
then came the bust and these chairs were sold by the building full as the denizens of the digital takeover, found themselves on the downside of the financial roller coaster.
These were, and are, some very cool chairs.
But the clever folks at Herman Miller have taken a step forward.

As we have moved more hours of our days and nights to be front and center at a computer screen, they have designed the successor to the Aeron: The Embody.
This unit feels and looks less like the skeletor of tech days gone by, and more like the softer side of life , while giving you the solid support, and is still infinitely adjustable.
There is a now a fully adjustable desk to complete the package. With a slight tilt to the front working half of the desk, you can also angle it so your keyboard or Wacom tablet work can be done at a more comfortable angle.
OK, maybe this set-up will let you work longer without pain.
There is a price to pay for that. $2200 list and you could probably negotiate a dealer to $1500 for the pair.
It’s your back.
Wish we were using this set-up.

And there was another item at CES we wanted to share with you.
The Gopro HD video and still cam.

This tiny camera can be mounted just about anywhere and delivers 1080p/ 720p HD video with sound at 30 or 60 fps.
The still camera is a 5megapixel unit that will shoot at 2/5/10/30 or 60 sec intervals.
Currently, the lens is so wide that they feel that you don;t need a veiwfiner.
Didn’t stop us from asking about one.
They do recco shooting a test so you see what you are getting, but coming soon…a clip on monitor.
Uses a rechargeable battery and an SD card.
True there is another HD sports cam out there with similar specs and honestly, looks a bit more elegant.
We saw the footage and you should take a look on their site at both the video and the stills. Amazing.
It records sound but even damped for the wind, the best sound you hear may be your shriek as you do some daredevil move, that you’ll be youtubing later.

There may be some stray things from CES that we haven’t touched on yet, and when we figure em out, they will be shared here.

At least we didn’t spend time on the “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” 3 cartridge taser. Makes a crackling noise, sparks fly, and can get 3 culprits. OK, maybe it wasn’t called that, but it could’ve been.
Just saying there are a LOT of products at this massive electronics event.

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