Weekly Giveaway – “I Can See 3D Now, The Rain Has Gone”

One of the biggest tech product categories at the recent Consumer Electronics Show was 3-D TV’s.
Every major manufacturer was rolling them out, and each had a slight different take on how you, the viewer, would best like to experience it.
Active shutter glasses that ensure that each eye only sees the right or left image, giving the brain the illusion of dimensionality.
Fine. That is perhaps how it will happen in your home with LCD screens.
Used to be the red/blue anaglyph glasses and now
they are primarily polarized lenses for the theatrical releases.

Still photography has been creating the 3D illusions for over 150 years, though.

Whether going in with a Stereoscope, or as simple as a View-Master, we’ve been there.
OK, not quiet as elaborate as the now, highest grossing movie of ALL time, AVATAR, but 3D none the less.

So our giveaway for you this week, is Phantograms from Nature
These are some of the best images we’ve seen giving you that 3D view. You’ll get 2 pairs of glasses, plus in the book, you’ll be given instructions on how to make your own 3D images.

These things will seriously jump out at you.

These days we also shoot stereo images on our digital camera using a splitter on the front of the body, like this one.
Now with this rig, you will need to print the double image photo and have a stereo viewer which can be as simple as a cardboard divider, or as ornate as a wooden and velvet viewer from the turn of the century.
Our source for most of the goods is 3D Stereo.com, the most knowledgeable , well stocked store for all things of this nature.

You may get hooked on this stuff, so be careful.

You may know that we’ve changed the way we pick the winners now, in our weekly giveaway.
First of all, you have until the Friday Eve 11:59 PST, following the Newsletter email on Weds., to get us your entry.
And the winner is chosen by Random.org from the qualified entries. Click here for giveaway details.
We feel this new format, will give all subscribers, no matter what time zone you live in, a greater opportunity to submit an entry.

And we have a special treat in the Newsletter this week, that we hope the subscribers enjoy.
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