“What’s In The Bag” : Kristian Dowling, freelance photographer, shows us what gets the job done

We’re back again with a new series of vids of photographers sharing with you the gear they use, and more importantly, why they use it.

This photographer, Kristian Dowling, was of special interest to us as he not only shoots existing light or speedlit shots, he is expert in the use of strobes and light shaping devices.
Yep, we’re talking Profoto strobes, umbrellas, and Mola dishes.
The main point of these vids is to share with you the exact gear the pros use to make a living.
Sure, each one has their particular faves, or the agencies, Like Getty Images, supplies them with a certain amount of gear, but it’s how they use it.
Today we bring the first part of a multi-part series with Kristian, a member of PictureGroup APAC, and The Associated Press.
This is just a taste as he opens up his bag for you. Wait til you see the rest of the series!

Next up more light, and lenses!

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