LIFE Mobile- incredibly fun app that is a “must get”!

OK, you may know from some of our posts both here and on our various social media sites, that we are huge fans of the now defunct publication LIFE MAGAZINE.
But let us rephrase: is is no longer IN PRINT!.
It, and the archives it owns, are alive and well online and in this insane app.
We also were just turned onto this and are figuring out all kinds of images to use.
You can see special story features or, get this, use your own photos for a LIFE magazine cover, and email it to a friend or family.
Plus there is a game where you get to play photo editor.
Off the chain.

Here is a sample: a few years ago we did an interview with Martin Parr, and this is one of the portraits that resulted.

photo © Damon Webster

So get it for your iPhone, Touch, iPad, or just visit the site for some great photo-ness. We do.

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