What’s in The Bag? w/ Frazer Harrison Part 1: Telling it like it is

Getty Images photographer, Frazer Harrison, makes his living with what’s in his bag.
He knows what works and what doesn’t work.
Plus he wants to let you know his opinion. This is why we dig Frazer.
He is an immensely talented shooter, working all of the major Hollywood events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Spirit Awards, Emmys, Grammy’s and anything that may have a red carpet involved.
The gear he uses is put through extreme paces whenever he shoots, and that’s is the best way to test any gear.
Hard work.
Not one to pussyfoot around any issues, Frazer is an honest man, and that’s good for you.
Even if you don’t work your gear as hard as he does, you’ll want some field reviews before you make a purchase.

We did some of our first What’s In The Bag? series with Frazer, back when he was a Canon shooter.
Check our our Video Page to see.
Well, Getty Images has switched all of their shooters to Nikon.

Next up:
Part 2: more flash, more gear, more honesty.

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