Weekly Giveaway : Let’s hear it for the dad’s!

In an effort to give you a good heads up, and time to either make or shop for your Father Days’ gift, we’re going to give you some suggestions.
AND give something away that you can totally re-gift for Dad.
It all kinda starts here:

It’s a Kodak commercial I produced not long ago, directed by Lisa Rubisch of Park Pictures.

As most dads can’t wait to share the news, and with so many ways to do it faster and faster, Kodak asks you to do one more thing:
While an iPhone snap will be fast, if you do a good photo with an easy point and shoot, like the Kodak M530
, this camera will let you tag it to automatically go to a variety of places at one time: Facebook, Flickr, Grandma, or whomever should be the lucky recipient, once you plug it into your computer. (also works with videos shot with the camera, and it uploads to youtube)
Yes, you do have to plug it into your computer and honestly, that was a sticking point for us.
We will tell you this though: Plugging it in guarantees it will go to those upload destinations. Every photo camera Wi-Fi promise we have have gotten has not been all that good, or fast.
At least with this, you know it’s working.

One of my favorite gifts through the years, from my own child, was a book of photos she made via Shutterfly.
They were hand picked by her, as good memories of her time with Dad, with the odd caption here and there.

This is one gift that still sits on the coffee table, although she is a bit older than in that picture. So am I.

One of the books, I’ve received, was a copy of of Robert Franks book about his father:

“Robert Frank’s father, Henry, was both the proprietor of a bicycle shop in Zurich, and a keen amateur photographer. Album makes public for the first time a selection of Henry Frank’s photographs, including landscapes, family portraits, still-lifes and cityscapes. When Robert Frank emigrated to the United States in 1947, a wooden box containing his father’s stereophotographs was one of the few objects he brought with him. In 2008, that box and the fragile photographic glass plates within it were hand-escorted to Steidl in Gottingen, Germany, where they were scanned in tri-tone in preparation for this book. Designed by Robert Frank, Album reveals Henry Frank to be a talented photographer, a keen traveler and an enthusiast of modern means of transport. This intimately-designed photo album is a revelation of the unknown photographer Henry Frank, and a historical photographic document of the early twentieth century, as well as a new chapter in Robert Frank’s ongoing bookmaking.”

This is what we would like to offer up as our weekly giveaway, this week.
From one of the master photographers comes a further exploration of his own fathers life and photographic pursuits.

Right sized and elegant, this hard bound book,Henry Frank: Father Photographer 1890-1976,
would be a fine gift for any dad, whether or not there is a photo connection between you and your dad.

Full details on getting the one we have to giveaway, sent to you, will be in this weeks free NEWSLETTER. Sign up by Tuesday eve. June 8th, to be eligible for this item.

My own dad passed on his darkroom equipment, first to my older brother, and then I was given the cardboard box of some of the various remnants of that part of his life. The twins lens reflex was used when I was a pre-teen, but the other gear has become a small group memories, stashed away in a storage facility. That along with many photos I shot along the way.

There are many photo ways to go for Fathers Day, depending on your budget and his interests.
Is Adobe Photoshop CS5in the range? If Dad is looking to get into a more robust digital photo darkroom, you can’t miss there.
Have you been having an excellent year, and think he needs a new camera? Maybe not that excellent, but who doesn’t love a new point and shoot? , a Canon G11or a Nikon Coolpix S8000 could fit the bill, or a more stealth Canon 780is.
Who doesn’t like a cool gadget-y thing?
Maybe something from the Joby Gorillapad line, or perhaps an XShot Camera Extender , so dad can get in the shot’s when he and mom go away on vacations.

Of course, you can go for the pen pot, hand painted with a nice photo of you on it. But unless you’re 6, it may not send the right message.

We are starting a thread on our twitter feed and FB page to see who may have some other great ideas for gifting.
And if you need to contact us forsome other questions: info@photoinduced.com will do it.

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