Tommy, can you hear me ? Canon’s 7D built in Mic

It is no surprise, I’m sure, that the built in mics on most cameras of any sort, leave a bit to be desired. Not only are they struggling to capture audio through these tiny holes drilled into the camera body, but they are so close to your fingers working their magic on the sleek camera body, as they glide from control button to control button, pulling focus or zooming in to frame just right.
yeah, sure…glide.
Actually with the mic so close to your magic fingers, you are guaranteed to pick up each and every movement of your adjustments. and if you have a cold, your heavy breathing will also make it to the soundtrack.
Here are some examples of the Canon 7D, with an IDC Run & Gun follow focus unit, and the built in camera mic used in variety of settings.
We were also joined by Steven Poster, President of International Cinematographers Guild local 600, who had some news for us.

When you really want to get serious about your sound, you’ll add the digital recorder and real mics, but how was this for a quick easy, light weight, recording for you?
Acceptable or not?

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