Delkin Devices multiplies your charging options, plus the Fat Gecko gets all sticky with it

You know, it’s not all lenses and cameras.
The things need juice, power, jolts, current, energy, batts. Yep, without the volts, these things are pointless.
When we travel, there are regularly 3 things that always need charging in a photographic way: DSLRs, point and shoots, and speedlights.
Yes, the phone, image viewer, laptop, iPod also need charging but those batts are built in and “have cord, will charge” is all you need.
Delkin has come up with a multi voltage, dual battery charger, that will take care of a few different kinds of batteries. Not only the various camera manufacturers specific batteries, but AA’s, point and shoots, and can do it either via a wall socket (different country plugs available) or, thankfully, a car cigarette lighter.
Pretty sweet.
Have a look:

And then they have a great suction cup camera mount, now in a variety of flavors to suit your needs. Stick it where you need it.

More tools for the toolkit. We have worked with shooters who just know where they want the camera position to be, and figure out how to get it there. Make sure you can let the shot prevail, instead of a tool limitation.
Be ready for anything, we like to say.

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