Lexar and Crucial give you the gift of time

Last year we saw the Lexar 600x speed CF card do it’s thing with a read/write speed that was blazing.
Now let’s see a real time demo on how to speed up the workflow part of it all with Solid State hard drives, plus a back-up thumb drive that is literally about the size of your thumbnail, the Lexar Echo ZE 16GB USB 2.0 Backup Drive system, lets you set and encrypt a back-up drive for specific folders, backing up as you go.
When you see the speed of Photoshop CS5 loading and the processing of images, it can’t be denied that we’re gonna get back some time to do the things we need to do.
Like creating images.

check out Crucial and Lexar here.

True, SSD hard drives are pretty pricey right now, but you know it’s all coming down in price.

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