Sling-O-Matic: not for slicing & dicing. A shoulder saving bag from ThinkTank Photo

We’re not gonna lie. is a HUGE fan of the products coming out of the ThinkTank folks.
Designed by photographers who know what you need, and the builds are crazy good.
Attention to detail,high quality construction, and always the right tool for the right job.
From the street shooter series, Urban Disguise, to the MultiMedia modular components, to the Airport International V 2.0
that we have traveled around the world with for 3 years.
Heck, they even made a collapsable sun shade called the Pixel Sunscreen that folds up to nothing yet becomes one of your best friends out in the field.
And we talked to the designers who let us know that when you see a bag, it is a bit of a problem solution process. Each Item solves a need they had. And there you probably will too.
This new item they have starts a line up of stealthy camera bags that will save your shoulders.
Take a look:

Always worth your consideration, ThinkTank Photo products are our first choice camera bag.

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