Lensbaby jumps into the Micro 4/3’s arena

One of the most loved systems of add-on lenses for photography, Lensbaby, showed off 2 of their new products at PhotoPlus Expo in Oct. and they’ve decided to take care of the folks in the 4/3’s arena. OK, decided not just because it was there but because the physical properties of some of the cameras allowed some pretty special uses for this new Lensbaby product. Plus they came out with the simplest Lensbaby ever, The Scout, using all of the swap optics in the system, including one of out faves, the Pinhole adapter.
Craig Strong gives you a quick look through the new goods:

If you are not familiar with the phenomenon known as Lensbaby, click here and check it all out.
And if you think you’re in the market to buy, this will help. Lensbaby pricing

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