Weekly Giveaway: Ho,Ho,HO! Lomo Christmas everyone!

It’s been one heck of a year everyone, and we’re down to our last 2 official giveaways of the year.
This is one huge package from the land of Lomography!

As much as we discuss all digital, there is a ton of love for the analog world. We are a bit partial to the Holga.
And the people at the acolytes of Lomography have been waving that flag high and hard.
One of the mainstays is the Diana F+ camera, a plastic beauty fashioned after toy cameras of the 60’s. medium format and simple operating features.

But we know that as cool as that camera is, there may be a bit of lens envy as the DSLR crowd pulls out lens, after lens to get the look they want.

Well, want no more DianeF+’ers: there is a full compliment of lenses for your beloved Diana F+ and we’re going to give away a pack of 5!
These plastic lenses fit snugly onto the camera body, and come with special viewfinders so you have somewhat of an idea of what you’re shooting. Honestly, when we first tried them, we were a little afraid to get them tied. Being plastic and all, didn’t want to force anything.
They locked and loaded into place and felt like they were built onto the cameras. No need to be too delicato.

First up is the Fish Eye, and who doesn’t love a bit of circular photo goodness: 20mm

Then lets creep up the focal length line a bit and just talk about a Super Wide Angle Lens, at about 38mm. Not overly distorted but get’s all of the single shot story in the frame.

Then we have a set of 2 in one box: Straight up wide angle 55mm Lens and Close-up Lens
. Yep, many plastic camera shooters have been looking for this one. gets’ you extremely close while maintaining that distinctive Lomo look.

Rounding out the camera bag is a Soft telephoto, allowing you to get those dreamy portraits at 110mm, with a compressed background.
Let us know what kinda Bokeh you get.

So now, the Diana F+ shooters can carry around the lenses they need. In a world of visual choices, lens options can make the photos, the art part.

You’ll still get the look of the Diana F+, but now you can customize the camera to your shooting needs.

And here’s the deal this week: The free Newsletter goes out to your email inboxes on Wednesday morning.
Read the details and enter. We promise to wake up on Christmas morning, sort through the correct response entries and post the winner.
So PhotoSanta is coming, but we’ll have to wait to find out who gets the pressie under the tree.
Well, almost under the tree.
It’ll actually be an email from us, and then we’ll ship the lenses the next week.
Close though, right?

This is what one reader will get: All 5 lenses, plus special viewfinders, 4 boxes that they came in, fold out Lomo lens. instructions sheets, PLUS a Nikon adapter if you are so inclined to try them on your digital rigs. they do make a Canon one as well. but this only includes the Nikon mount. Please note though, that the sensor on the digital cameras will affect the apparent focal length of the lenses. And the Diana F+ is a medium format camera.

Here is a chart with pictures to make it all clear.

Small note: At a recent gallery opening, the walls were filled with wet collodion prints of panoramic scenes of the far east from the 1860’s, and city scenes all captured with this arduous method of the earliest days of photography.
As the exhibit continued down the halls, the images represented the advent of the coming of Kodak and flexible film.
I had to think that, just as people today say that digital isn’t the real photography, but film is.
do you think back then the photographers said that wet collodion was the real deal, and this flexible film stuff was just
crap an not true photography?

Point being that no matter how the image is captured, it’s still photography. As a technical medium it advances, and the tools change.
2 cents worth of a thought.

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