The Gifts That Time Forgot!!

Well, maybe it’s just the gifts that we forgot.

As we slide through the holiday season, we look again at the items we reach for all of the time, or noted when we saw them and just slipped away as they came crashing into us like a hot kiss on the end of a wet fist. ( too obscure reference? anyone? Beuller? Beuller?)

To begin with, nothing beats a personal photo placed into a nice frame. Shared moments is what we’re about, right? So that is a relatively easy and inexpensive personal meaningful gift.

Now the rest of it, you’ll have to spend a little to make the photo gear dream come true.

And we are proud to have a new association with the world famous B&H Photo complete with some special pages.

Like this one for your holiday shopping in the stills area, and this one if you are making inroads into video.

So here are some things that weren’t on list 1 or 2:
A Wacom tablet, for precision movements in your Photoshop or actually any image or video editing program. This
You can start small with a Bamboo, for about $62.00.
Time to step away from the mouse and put a pen in your hand. Most models come with free software so you can get started right away. Like on Christmas morning.

Did you say steady that shot? Like a tripod?
Gitzo or Manfrotto tripod.
We still use a 15 year old Gitzo for stills and a Manfrotto for video, and you will be happy with either company, although the Gitzo has a larger price tag.
Remember: the tripod may just be the legs. Make sure you get a great head to go with it.

And in the lighting department, you can easily please your giftee with either a Litepanels MicroPro LED , or a Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight
or a Canon Speedlite 580EX II

And we will never give up our instant print cameras. Thank you Fuji for keeping that dream alive with the Instax series.
check out this model, the Fujifilm INSTAX MINI Film Camera that cranks out credit card size photos, right there on the spot.
Hows that for a bit of non-digital, fun sharing, hard to post on FB, stuff?
Actually the attraction may be the semi-privacy of it all.
But everyone will want to show off the prints.

Of course, the lineup from Lomo will take care of the open minded, free spirited, photographers. Go analog or go home!
Like a classic Holga or Diana F. Perhaps the unique quality of the Spinner 360º will do the Santa dance best.
And the Lomography stores also process your film and give you a CD of the photos if you like.

In the land of digital, we do have a fave tiny camera, that we use and give as a gift (special people only!)
the Canon PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP w/ 4x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Black). Yeah, a mouthful to say, but tiny in your pocket.
Our perfect suit jacket AND, we are told, purse camera around. We’ve shot videos that landed on youtube and rocked with this pup.

Oh sure, those are OK for bigger ticket items, but what about some, how shall we say…..less expensive goods?

We are always happy with a solid teaching DVD or a book for gifting. Not as dull as getting a filter, which you may really need but it’s kinda like getting your pipes fixed: you need it but it’s true value comes out in use.

So a DVD like the Nikon School presents A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting for about $24.,or a book like Elliott Erwitt’s Handbook, which we just discovered, will bring a smile to anyone’s face after the Christmas sweater has lost it’s charm. Also about $24.00

There are 8 million other gifts you can get this season. This, has been some of them.

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