“Daddy, where do memory cards come from?” From a very clean place.

These tiny little nuggets of data storage, that keep dropping in price, must be tough to make, right?
You betcha!
The folks over at Lexar clued us into the video on the making of their chips for media cards and flash drives.

Although I feel like I should be wearing a cardigan, and welcoming you to the neighborhood, and asking you to be my neighbor, this is serious business. We do love watching these kinda things on the History Channel or other semi educational outlets.
Talk about clean rooms.

Now here is an old doc on how film is made. (Dutch with English subtitles)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Film is still available but with the final Kodachrome lab closing it’s doors at the end of Dec. 2010, well, you know the rest.

What ever you choose, just nice to know where it comes from.

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