Just Shoot Me! Adrian Grenier’s documentary on a Teenage Paparazzo finally avail on DVD!

OK, my daughter loves him as Vinnie Chase on “Entourage”.
I think he is also a pretty fine documentary director.
We’re fans, and for both achievements.
So,what happens when a celebrity turns the cameras on a paparazzo?
After being chased, stalked, ambushed and assaulted, how about turning the tables and getting a camera crew to cover the paps?
That is exactly what happened in “Teenage Paparazzo”.
And then comes an added twist: the photographer, who essentially is the prime subject here, is captured when he was 14! Austin Visschedyk, has been able to use his youth and gumption to get shots that no one else gets.
But what leads a kid to life like this?
Quite honestly, Paparazzi as a category, are is not known as the creme de la creme of the journalistic profession.
Often the practitioners are derided as bullys, and not really photographers at all.
This film begins the conversation on the why of it all..
What is the relationship between the celebrities they cover and the shooters that walk with a long lens?
You know it’s symbiotic, as the PR people many times will let the press know where a celeb may be.
Could be that their name is not in the news enough, or a store sees them shopping in their stacks and needs a sales boost, so the call goes out.
It’s complicated, is all we are saying.
And this film has a great director in Mr. Grenier, who couldn’t be more qualified, as the situation does a 180º and the subject becomes the observer.
As we see Austin’s shell begin it’s hardening process, Adrien keeps digging in before the moment closes to get closer.
Closer to THE truth or A truth, we’re not positive, but it’s a pretty darn good movie to balance your Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, and E News diet. If you live in Los Angeles, you know the nightly news will start with celebrity goings on, before the real stuff.

Anyway, we have a special treat this week, as Adrian Grenier was kind enough to supply a signed copy of this HBO Documentary DVD for one of our readers. Seems he also likes photoinduced.com. We are chuffed.

So it’s photography, celebrity, documentary, a night of entertainment AND a collectible all wrapped into one.

How can you make this dvd yours?
Well, it’s a simple process really.
As long as you are a subscriber to our free weekly Newsletter, you’ll get all of the details in this Weds. edition, coming to your email inbox in the AM on 3/13/11.

We ask a question, you answer it, the right answers are sent to random.org, and they pick a winner.
We’ll also include a scan of the note from Adrien. If you like.

And since you read this far: we’ll add an official Teenage Paparazzo soap!

Cleanse yourself of celebrity dirt goes the tagline!

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