Weekly Giveaway – A place to put them all.

Yep, we’re keeping it simple this week.
With all of the media cards we get – faster, bigger, smaller, waterproof, we need a place to keep them safe AND know just where they are.
We depend on ThinkTank Pocket Pixel Rocket and the Pee Wee PIxel Rocket.
Well built, protects your cards, the clip hook keeps em’ by your side (check out how Frazer Harrison uses them)

With our DSLR’s, and compact cameras, the cards seem to multiply themselves. This set-up keeps them ALL together.
Of course, now what do we do with the little plastic cases the single cards came in?

And to be eligible to win a set of these, you must be a subscriber to the free Weekly Newsletter.
Let us know if you think weekly is too often.
Every 2 weeks?
Once a month?
go ahead, leave a comment below.

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