Lauren Greenfield speaks out on Beauty CULTure

One of the best documentary photographers and filmmakers working today, Lauren Greenfield has shown us the dichotomy of disparate economic lives in Los Angeles, in Fast Forward, growing up female in Girl Culture, the ravages of dysfunction in Thin, along with a successful body of work in the world of advertising.
The current exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography, Beauty CULTure, breaks down the culture of beauty we live in, in various chapter headings, spread throughout the beautiful “lens” of an exhibit space.
Before you see the photographs though, we urge you to check out the 30 min documentary by Lauren Greenfield on the subject.
Her precise vision has, in the past, sliced very deep to the core, and perhaps since this is a more consumer friendly exhibit, we are sure she left some things on the cutting room floor, in favor of a broader audience.
Well done.
She has found a proper balance that will give every visitor a deeper appreciation of the rest of the show.
We caught up with her in the beginning of the show run:

If you can get to the show, you’ll want to see it twice.
Age wise, 14 and up has been recommended, but use your own judgement.
And if you can’t get to Century City, visit the Annenberg site for videos of the lectures.

First up in the lecture series was Jill Greenberg, who definitely had a point of view, and stirred the pot. We love her work and her for adding some discussion to the mix.

Image on screen © Jill Greenberg

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