Delkin speeds up your photo life with these 2 new entries:

The media cards keep getting faster, and you may ask yourself: Should I stay with the old slower cards? You know, in all of the commotion, I’m not sure if I put a slow card or a fast card into the camera. Do I feel lucky? Well, Do I ?
(with apologies to Dirty Harry)
When you have to get off a burst of shots, especially in an action or sports situation, you need the camera that can handle it, and the media cards that will allow it. OK, fine, even for a wedding!
Delkin has introduced a new speed demon of a card in the Delkin Elite 633 SDHC memory card with 80MBps write speed and 95MBps read speed!
This is truly the fastest SDHC card on the market. ( look for the UHS-I on the card)
We even asked some of the competition to help us do a comparison with their fastest and they declined.
In a very simple test we shot off bursts with the Delkin and a Sandisk Ultra, using a Nikon D7000.
It was the difference between an 11 shot burst and a 23 shot burst.
Don’t miss the shot.
Of course this kind of speed is a major help in HD video recording, with file size becoming massive.
Priced at about $250, so make sure you need the speed before you drop the dough.

Also from Delkin is a great,much needed accessory for the Fat Gecko suction cup mount. There were times when we had the GoPro mounted just right, but the lens may be too extreme for the shot.
There may be some back and forth about which lens was best, but you had to unscrew and screw in the camera each time.
Ahhhh, a solution to THAT problem.

A quick release head, with a separate plate that you can buy individually, per camera. Perfect idea. We’re getting a few.

With dual levels, one on the tightening knob and one on the base plate, you can be assured of the right azimuth for your shot.
( notice the green and yellow bits on the base and tightening knob: those are the levels)

And on the camera plate there are 4 textured rubber grips to help secure your camera. The design of the system is slightly like my Gitzo quick release, with a fold-up ring to secure the tripod mount to the camera.

So there you have it: a coupla real useful new tools from the folks at Delkin. Buy recco on both items.
To be fair, they also have a USB 3.0 card reader , but being on a MAC, we just got in the PCI card to be able to check it out for the speed. Should be blazing.

We have a bunch of reviews coming in the next short while. We’re talking tethered, wireless, post facilitation, best photo books we’ve been seeing, exhibits, and a whole lot more.

This summer has been a major shooting, reviewing, and even kicking it old school for some of you.
Remember we are always updating on our Facebook page, and the Twitter feed posts here and in the twitterverse (yep, said it and meant it) if you want to respond.
The weekly giveaways are coming back but we are trying to find a better way.

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