Gripping your iPad : 2 ways to solve the problem

By now, the iPad has become a huge boon to all photographers and any image makers.
Not only does it act as a lightweight, 10 hour battery life computer, but the apps available that have been designed to make our photographic lives easier is growing daily and we are fully immersed in the system, and what it can do to help.
Of course, you also have to support it somehow.
In a very physical sense.
We love it for the wi-fi, tethered mode, that allows us to watch the computer screen , while our clients watch the iPad screen, wirelessly, where ever they need to be in the studio. On the phone, in a another room, or just sitting on the client couch.
We will be speaking about the best software we’ve found for this, and how to use that workflow, but for right now, lets talk grip gear. Of sorts. 2 ways to go.

The heavy duty unit here from Tether Tools, is this Wallee iPad system. Consisting of the main 4 bladed mounting module, the head also has Arca style mounting grooves,1/4″-20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount, 5/8″ Pin for light stands and clamps. Zacuto adapter also available.

The unit is attached to a Manfrotto 143 Magic Arm in this photo
Then you place the Wallee iPad holder over the blades.

Then rotate and the holder is locked.

Here is the whole configuration, with the arm in a random position:

Then we have another solution from Delkin.
A much lighter holder is used, with a 1/4″-20 threaded socket built in.

4 very secure clip-in bits hold the iPad safely.

Now you can mount on a tripod or any other 1/4″-20 device.
You can also use the Fat Gecko suction mount from Delkin, and incorporate the quick release mount. Honestly, that is what the holder was originally designed for. Never stops us from multi-tasking.

With this simple system the iPad is very light when not mounted into any stand, so hand holding transition is easy. As well, with the TetherTools set-up, once the hub is off, you have a lightweight back protector for your iPad

So which system is better?

The Tether Tools has beautifully machined parts which add weight and expense. The Wallee system covers the entire back of the iPad. Multiple options for mounting is always a plus. Take off the mounting hub and your iPad has a good protector on the back plus will work with the iPad 2 magnetic case. And remember, this is a system, as illustrated in this video:

The Delkin system strips down the the parts to the essentials, and in doing so, lightens the load. Especially useful if you are mounting the iPad in odd angles. This couples with the Fat Gecko suction system, and the 1/4″-20 can be used on most tripods.

Costs: Delkin is about $21.00 USD. TetherTools system comes in about $120. USD.

Another case of the right tool, for the right job. You choose. We like the products out of both companies

Next up: our favorite software solution for wireless viewing of your shoot with the iPad.

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