Nikon shares at PhotoPlus Expo 2011: 1 System + more

Nikon has finally entered the world of mirrorless digital cameras with interchangeable lenses.
Enter the Nikon 1 system.
Built brand new from the ground up, Nikon has 2 models 2 choose from, a whole new array of lenses, and like they always do, are making an adapter for your other Nikon glass.
One of the cooler things is a new zoom lens with the zoom ON THE LENS to make you HD videos a bit better looking. Auto focus in video mode, of course.
Plus they showed the new underwater/cold weather, GPS enabled AW100, and the updated P7100, currently the category leader.
Steve Heiner, the Nikon guy who knows everything you would want to now about Nikon, gave a tour of the gear at PhotoPlus Expo 2011.

We had a Nikon J1 system for a hands-on work out , and the review will post here shortly.

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