HO-HO-Holiday Shopping Guide 2011 for the photographer on your list

OK, maybe the holiday gift is for you.
Do you have folks asking you want you may like for the holidays? Maybe there are some things on this list that will give you and them some ideas.

We’ve looked at a ton of new goods this year and have tried to sift through em’ all and see what rose to the top.
We have put a majority of these items into our Amazon store. Same prices for you, in one convenient place.

At the head of the list is the Apple iPad 2 .

Yep, we feel this is an outstanding photo accessory with many uses.
You know the basics: your email, movies, photo editor, books, etc.
How about putting your favorite photo mags on it? Saving on the mailing and additional paper in your life. Apps like Sun Seeker make finding proper timing for photo shoots a breeze.
How about iSlate for the videographers out there?
Perhaps a talent release on the tablet, using a stylus for signatures, with a copy easily emailed to all who need.
In an upcoming review, we’ll show you how to use it in a tethered shooting situation, as a wireless monitor for your clients.

We do love our photography books, and have yet to send them to the iPad.
This year saw some classics reprinted with Josef Koudelkas Gypsies
and Bruce Davidson’s Subway
getting a second chance to live on your bookshelf.
Recently released Magnum Contact Sheets
, gives a fascinating look into the choices a photographer an an editor make.
You’ll get a look at the contact sheets of some of the masters photographers of the Magnum Agency and see what came before and after the iconic shots you know,
Coming soon is the new Edward Weston: One Hundred Twenty-five Photographs
limited edition book, with brand new high quality scans of iconic images, and those never seen before.

There is a great deal on an oversized volume of covers from LIFE Magazine
with a facsimile of the very 1st issue of the mag, featuring the Margaret Bourke-White cover.
We are always a big proponent of the gift of the softcover book The Family of Man, published by The Museum of Modern Art.

Just for fun, there are some items out there that will make you smile. Some still, some motion.
Kogeto Dot is an add on lens for the iPhone that creates 360º video that will upload to Facebook, Twitter, and the Kogeto site for sharing.

The Superheadz CLAP Digital Camera
is a tiny digital camera from the people at SuperHeadz.com A USB, Micro-SD camera, with no viewfinder, this changes how you may shoot. It’s been in my shirt pocket every day since the purchase.
Are you a Lomography fan ? The new LomoKino & LomoKinoscope Package
adds a new twist with motion, achieved through the hand crank systems of the beginning of movies. Yes, you get the film processed and scanned by the lomo folks
How about a cat watching your every move? Necono Digital Camera

The stocking stuffer Moriyama Pen has a tiny projector with a slide reel of artist Moriyama’s photos, that you can project on the nearest blank wall.

Check out all the goods at the ICP store, one of the best photo gift stores around.

Under $10:
These cool photo clips shaped like clothes hangers, Tim Holtz Idea-ology Hanger Clips
will show off your small prints on a line of your choosing.
Still printing, by the way? Maybe for your Instax shots.
If you’re not shooting shots of your friends and you with an iPhone, this MIRROR ON THE CAMERA
will help you frame the shot so everyone’s in. Stick it on the front of your camera. everyone else you shot will also end up looking right in the camera
Who has tangled ear bud wires? We do, we do! or did.

These simple winding, rubber spools, look just like, yes-Apple cores.
You need, you’ll want em. And cheap as well. Pick them up in Office Depot, and other store like that.

Nothing says loving like a year subscription to a photo mag.
Here are a couple of our faves.
Aperture is now on iPad, and we have moved our subscription to the tablet.
Popular Photography is available as a download, and Photo District News is just a “must subscribe” mag. Too much well written, pro-level photo info in every issue.

Go simple with an iTunes card for apps, or whatever they may want to download.

In the Camera bags/strap category we have a few favorites:
ThinkTank Photo makes the best bags in our opinion throughout the line.
Designed by shooters, constantly re-examined for any tweaks needed, these people know what you need, because they need it too.
Airport International V2 is the best traveling roller we have ever used. We have used V1 for 3.5 years all over the world, and it is the best. Fits perfect in the overhead, and we sprung for the lowered dividers so the laptop fits IN the bag, not outside.
While on location, their newly revamped Speed belt system can be customized for the way you shoot. A good starter set has the everything but the belt, so you can order up the right size for you..
The best way to carry your media cards is the Pixel Rocket media Card wallet.

Last year we weren’t sure about this style of cross body strap that attaches to the tripod 1/4″-20. After trying all of the rest and using this brand on multiple day long shoots, our shoulders tanked us for using Black Rapid. The new Black Rapid RS-Sport Strap adds a new under arm strap so the whole unit stays in pace

Continuous light is coming back strong as photographers are asked to add video to their assignments. At the most recent PhotoPlus Expo we discovered this Polaroid Studio Series 256 LED Video Light Panel For Digital SLR Cameras & Camcorders
. The price of $190 including a rechargeable battery convinced us to add it to the kit bag. You’d like to see this under the tree.

Still good, still going strong, the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible Pro Kit for Shoe Mounted Flash Units
is available in a nice, gift friendly, kit.
The intro of the Rogue FlashBender Kit
gave us all a nice camera bag friendly, flat solution to shaping you light. Go ahead, ask for the whole set on your list!

Now the cameras:

We’ve been carrying the Canon S95 in our pocket and the updated Canon PowerShot S100 will be just as sweet. Still love the S95
and the price drop adds to the love.
For your more active shooters, the Nikon AW100
is a perfect choice for cold weather or underwater, plus a feature that lets you change settings with a glove covered hand flick of the camera. Who needs cold fingers?
Like to wear your camera? The GoPro Hero has gone to an update: The GoPro HD HERO2
Coming up strong is a new entry: the Delkin Wingman HD 8GB Waterproof Action Camera and Accessory Outfit

About the same size as the GoPro, this unit has a built in monitor, a lower price. and a 1/4″- 20 tripod screw mount in the body.
Still waiting to review, but this thing is selling out.
We own the GoPro and will review the new Wing Man shortly.

The mirrorless options:
The Sony NEX-5N , has a sweet, large, sensor, with good glass to go with it.

The new Nikon 1 J1
is a great choice for those who want to keep it simple, small, and get all the features they want for a perfect family memories camera with bot stills and video


3 Legged Thing Brian We saw the 1st iteration last year and round 2 should be even more awesome: Carbon fiber, folds to a small footprint, monopod center pole, well machined,and comes with a carry case.
For strict Monopod action plus video we recco the Manfrotto Fluid Video Monopod w/ Head


Tether Tools system-
This is more of a pro gift, and the company that puts all of your needs together, is Tether Tools. Visit the site and see what combo works best for you.(We mean the person you’re giving the gift to). From the worktables, with stands,and extras, to well thought out iPad mounts for your everyday photographic life/work.

We have a new project in the works and it’s all about panoramic photography. If you want to do it right in the digital realm, Nodal Ninja is the company that makes the best tools for the job. Plus their knowledge base is incredible, coming from that strong place of passion for the format.


Sure we love Photoshop, but sometimes a company comes along like OnOne that makes plug-ins to simplify your life. Perfect Photo has the tools you want and it integrates seamlessly into Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture. Take it for a free 30 days spin to check it out. We love the selective focus and matte cutting features. Full review to come

If CS5 is a bit more than you need, Adobe Photo Elements is the perfect step forward for you or the enthusiast on your list. We also recommend getting the bundle with Premiere as well. Final Cut has been the video editing software of choice but the new version has left a lot of editorial community scratching their heads. And making changes in their software choices.
Adobe Premiere has been coming on strong and you might as well get the Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 10
combo package and get on board.
Phase One software is full asset management and editing software similar to Lightroom, but it’s the software of choice for the studio pros, especially when it come to tethered shooting. In addition, this software is the best solution for the combo tethered with iPad wireless monitoring we’ve seen.
Moving large files around? Need the easy solution? Transmit for FTP is dead simple and worth the money. OK, doesn’t look good gift wrapped but very useful.

Boring but needed:
You need to back up all of your digital imaging. Twice.
and maybe that’s the message and gift you can give to someone you love.
Not sexy, or toy like, or just plain fun. It may be like getting socks fro the holidays but you need it.
Our backup system of choice comes from WiebeTech, the WiebeTech RTX220-QR Hard Drive Array –
. No proprietary software that affects your drives or the material you are saving. You use hard drives, without special sleds, and create a raid system of your choice. We like RAID 5 which is best with a 4 banger unit. They also make a portable system with RAID 0, and 1
Toughtech Duo Qr 0GB
, using 2.5 in drives, also using easy to load and unload, drive holders. We use them. They work.
And the tragic floods in Thailand have also affected Hard drive production so pricing are climbing as we speak. Buy now for gifting/using later.
This situation may be with us for 5 months or a year.

So there you have it. We look at a LOT of goods to filter down a solid list for you.
If more stuff comes up, we’l add it in. If there is a Black Friday sale, we’ll let you know (like Adobe).
Stay with us here and on Facebook and Twitter to get the updates

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