Weekly Giveaway : Mellow your Harsh with a Fong Lightsphere

There was such a great response to the last time we gave away the Gary Fong Lightsphere, that we knew that it would come around again.
How about a full up kit with a ton of the components that Gary Fong makes?
Details on how to enter to win at the end of this post.

This time there are so many additional elements, that we felt best actually breaking down each element.

One of the key components of the kit, the Collapsible Lighsphere, has been improved slightly since we first saw it.

For one thing, it now fits the Nikon SB 900, with such a good fit, you can hold the flash by the Lightsphere.
Strike that. Don’t do it. We did. Use as directed by Gary Fong.

There are complete simple instructions on the best way way to attach this included and all over youtube.
You basically sit the collapsed unit on a table and fit the flash into it, till the flash head is flush with the table.

As you can see in this detail, the rubbery grips should be at an angle to insure a firm hold:

Plus we prefer this one for travel. The old ones still work great, but took up a bit of room.

Then there is the power snoot and grid.

One of the best examples of it’s use was made by Gary in a teaching environment. Check out this portrait:

Sure it’s silvered, and plastic but it does the job. The power snoot did not have the optimum fit on the SB 900, but it did work. The design on this does not allow the same flexibility as the collapsible at the point of attachment. It utilizes the previous grip and velcro system.

Now the grid works with the snoot and the regular lightsphere.

On another side is the color aspect of all of this. There is an amber dome included which will give you a bit of warmth to your cooler flash. Great for skin tones.
Plus you get a set of color inserts, to give you an overall cast to your flash. It will kinda balance your light to daylight or tungsten, but not critically.

More for fun end experimentation, we feel.
There is one more piece in the kit, that focuses the flash output more and is a help for higher ceilings. There is a slight backplate on it to help focus the flight up and out, and the smaller opening concentrates the flash.

One thing you should always remember about these units, is to be ware of those behind you.
As you fire away, the light in front looks pretty dang good.
But the useless light behind you could be going right into someone’s face/eyes.
I have seen some folks black out the real of the Lightsphere or use some black-out foil to prevent the rear spillage.
Just a reminder to be aware of those around you.

Anyway, this is pretty slid package of good tools, and we highly recco the majority of the pieces.
Of, course the only way to be sure is to try it yourself, so we have one complete kit to giveaway.

Side note:
Gary Fong has always been about making the learning easy and has dedicated pages on his site for just that. And with the products come picture only instruction sheets, so that no matter what language you speak, it’s clear.

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It’s dead simple, to enter correctly and a winner is randomly picked.
We do thank you for some of your kind words in the entries.
Please remember we will only ship to US addresses.

So there you have. A full set of lighting tools. Right now Gary Fong sells this on this website for about $160. USD. Free sounds better.
But if you don’t get one from us, we highly recommend you visit Gary’s site and see the whole range of products

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