Picture the world together on May 15th. Bring your camera. By Fred Bonilla

As photographers, we too often concentrate on a somewhat myopic view of our work. We want our results to reflect what we see or what our clients pays us to convey. Once in a while, we shoot just to fool around or to simply capture an event with little thought of what’s captured. But what if we take a shot to share our unique perspective of one single day to the rest of the world, along with thousands of others?

It’s in that spirit that oneday.org asks you to take a photo and share it with the world. On May 15th, aday.org asks you and people all around the world to pick up your
cameras and picture what is close to you. In this unique photographic event, we
will work together to create a unique documentation of daily life.
Professionals, amateurs, school children, farmers, social media fans, astronauts and
office workers. Cell phone camera, Hasselblad, home made or borrowed. aday.org
is looking for the perspectives of everyone who enjoys photography. The goal is to
inspire perspectives on humankind – today and tomorrow.

This project is inspired by “The Family Of Man”, the most well attended photographic exhibition ever produced in 1955. Damon & I agree that the book that resulted from this exhibition is among the 2 or 3 most influential photo books ever printed (along with “The Americans” and “The Decisive Moment” – argue among yourselves!)

All images will be displayed online for you and everyone to explore. Some of them
will be selected for a book, others will be displayed in digital exhibitions. Every
single one will be saved for future research and inspiration. Among those who will be contributing photographically will be Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson. And aday.org is asking participants to take pictures in three categories: home, work and connections. Participants will have from May 15 to 22 to upload photos ( Maximum of 10 photos per person) The site will open for submissions on May 15.

Interested? Then take a look at the attached videos or go to aday.org for more details.

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