Samsung NX20: upload quality photos as fast as a smartphone

The camera industry is trying to figure this one out: with everyone using their smartphones to share photos, and tons of photo apps to tweak the quality, who needs a compact camera?
A whole segment of their market is drifting away.
Now let’s look top down: the pro market uses wi-fi at events to upload to editors, who are standing by. Although, in truth, shooters till pass their media cards to runners who download the files and return the cards to the shooters, so they can keep shooting. That’s why you need media wallets with 10 cards.
So what to do?
We’ve looked at one of the first consumer solutions, Eye-Fi cards, and honestly, have been consistently disappointed.
Whether we were uploading for a share or a wireless/tether situation, only the pro solutions were viable.

Enter the coming flood of solutions.

Samsung seems to be at the forefront.
Last year they intro’d a series of point and shoot’s with wi-fi.

Sharing the technology of their TV brethren, smart cameras came to the market place.

We’ve been working with a new version: the NX20, combining the current mirrorless trend with wi-fi.

With 20.3 mp, full HD video,12,800 ISO AND an articulated 3″LCD,

you’ll get most of what you want in this small package.
The 18-55 kit lens seems to be the standard zoom lens size for the mirrorless categories.

There is a full range of built in effects, with some cool choices , you don’t always see;
In movie mode you can add a fader. fade-in or out, automatically.
You may still want to edit , before sharing, but a nice feature.
The panoramic mode is very similar to the system on the new iPhone: watch your speed and you’ll get a nice pano. Go too fast, it stops.

Our general feeling is that you still should be shooting in manual mode, and make your choices. Custom settings are good too, but “smart” mode, doesn’t seem to have gone to the same photo school we did.

So when you want to upload your photos, here’s how it goes-
The entry screen:

what?, no twitter?

And pick the shots to upload:

Just like that. And it is dang fast. As fast as our LTE smartphone. Yes, you can add a comment.

A perfect companion for this camera, is a good mi-fi card. Walking around the Chelsea gallery scene in NYC, we were uploading from the camera as fast as from the phone, with the mi-fi in the pocket.

with mi-fi card and an SD for size reference.

And another plus, is that once you set-up a wi-fi hot spot, it is remembered in the camera. Love that
you don’t have to keep setting up your networks.

Here is what a shot looks like from the camera, and the iPhone in the same situation:
Samsung NX20:

iPhone 5:

We do like the ability to pick and lock your focus point. First thing we look at on every camera these days.

A downside is on on the electronic viewfinder vs. an optical one: while shooting on the street, I saw the shot as I raised the camera to my eye. As I was ready to press the shutter, there was no image.
Here’s the deal: whether you shoot via LCD or viewfinder, you better have it all turned on before you frame.
A half press on the shutter does it, but still, optical is faster.

So there you have it: lightweight, huge files, wi-fi that works, and yes, panoramic.
You can wait to see what lenses come out or simply buy and adapter.
About $1000., so we always suggest putting one in your hands, before the outlay.
We’re convinced that the ergonomics will appeal to you.

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