On The Road Again, Time To Get The Tech Sorted

Sure, the recent airline snafus, and gas prices have been putting a massive damper on the whole travel process.
But we’re getting out there, and maybe, just maybe, some solid tech can make it a better experience. And in this post, there will be a surprise bit of kit at the end, that you may want to use at home as well!
Yes, I know many of you have already been on the road.
I’ve seen you at many trade events, and art fairs, so we’ve all seen the shift closer to full normal!
Let’s get at it!

A good set of noise cancelling headphones! In-ear headphones/airpods really don’t cut with your seat neighbors. There is always sound spill, and you should be be kind to those around you.
My fave choice for these is the over ear Sony WH-1000XM4, https://amzn.to/3Ong7Vp which of course has now JUST introduced a latest version!On-ear, and has a great mic built in, solid battery life, excellent sound quality.

And when on the plane, you have to have this:
Twelve South AirFly Pro which is the way to connect your favorite headset to the plane entertainment system via Bluetooth! No more wires!

Just plug it into the headphone jack on the seat, turn it on, and you are good to go. I’d pair these before boarding, just to confirm connections. I still recco over-ear headphones, but this illustration shows you the options. Basically any blue tooth audio device can be connected to this, and not just on the plane.

And make sure it’s charged!

Not quite tech, but vey important: Hydration! you have to be hydrated, when traveling. Forget the carbonated drinks on the plane, btw.
Make sure you bring along a Swell bottle! Lot’s of imitators, but I trust the original.
I like the Swell for the hot or cold capability in case you want a coffee at some point.

Sure, you have to go through security with it empty, but there are plenty of water filling stations in the terminal. Or buy a bottle and transfer to this.
For the specific hydration I do like an Electorlit Zero (zero sugar, zero calories) before the flight.

Or after a long day of meetings. Or after a long night of “entertainment”
The product that I recco is the Hydration with ACV . Easy to pack packets, and just add to your Swell bottle of water. Pack a bunch! Sugar free, and ACV!

In the room, you’ll need to charge all of your goodies, like your watch, airpods, and phone. To be honest I always uses a Mophie Juice pack as the extra battery for my phone, and charge that in the part of the dock i would charge airpods. (yes, I have an iPhone 12!)
I bring one triple threat wireless charger made by Mophie. A little more expensive that some of the others, but I can depend on it. That security on the road is important to me. Your choice. My watch has a bracelet band, and does not lie flat so this is a great choice. BTW, I have seen his on sale, on their site for 40% off!

The one thing I always pack a tech pouch by Peak Design, and it holds cables, small SSDs a multi-USB charger for batteries, and whatever else. I do shoot on the road and need to be fully charged when leaving the hotel.

And this great new slim line dock for your laptop: the VisionTek VT400. Super slim, has the outlets you need, and has the USB -C cable tucked into it’s side. It has an HDMI port, which if you have ever been in a hotel meeting room were you had to plug in your laptop to present, this doc has it!
It fits perfectly in your tech pouch, or in your jacket pocket.

Now, I’ve also reviewed the OWC version of this which is a a square block, although adds a SD card reader. al depends on your preference and needs

Here is a new item i discovered:

You’ve been in meetings, writing a brief for the next day, and you really don’t need/want a cocktail to get you to have a great restful night of sleep.
This is the Morphee, (sounds like Mophie, right? from France. A beautiful, sleep aid that has a cool, analog look and feel, and have sooooo many choices on how to lull you into sleep.

Choose your language, the mode, the time, and you will be taken to a new relaxing space and be able to fall asleep no matter how much stress your day gifted you with.
Yes, there are apps, but this one is so much more, plus gets you away from your phone.
This thing looks analog, works digitally, and is honestly a super product.
I’ll be honest, when I first saw this I was skeptical, but now love it!

Now hit the road, enjoy the travel, and may you have safe, uneventful trips!

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