Holiday Gift Guide # 3 – Tools for Content Creators: Home and Mobile

It has been an interesting year in the world of image making.
There is major emphasis on content creators, and the equipment they may need.
And Black Friday sales will be active on these brands, with highlighted products below:
Joby, Pivo, Platypod, and LumeCube and Ankerworks

Usually the biggest deal are on Black Friday, but don’t stress: Cyber Monday is right around the corner!

Let’s break it down from basic to major:First of all, if you are using a phone to create, the first you need is the Joby Bluetooth remote control. Turn your phone recording on and off from a distance. Pairs fast on your phone, dependable. Great tool.

A perfect gift for the mobile creator is the Joby Beamo magsafe light. Giving 4 hours of light, this light attached to a mag safe phone, and if you don’t have one, they include a thin metal ring to place in your case of phone back.

Reviewed here, this is a must have.
Then we have to discuss the Platypod Extreme base,

plus the Platypod handle.

The base lets you attach a ton of accessories and can be stabilized on a wide range of surfaces, smooth or rough. Great when tripods are not allowed!
Add on the versatile playtpod handle and you have a tool combo that fits easily in the bag, and. Need to get a better eyeline when sitting? This handle will extend and can even be combined with a second one.
With a ton of standard holes to add on lights/sun shades/mics, this would make anyone happy.
There will be a separate HGG on audio, however the Anker Works M650 mic system works great in the set-up as they have a receiver that plugs right into your phone, IOS or Android.

M650 Wireless Microphone
The mag or clip attachment for the mic, give you a choice on how to mic. Plus, it is a nice round shape.
Then a Beastgrip is a piece of kit that is incredibly versatile if you are capturing a scene with you as the cam operator. Solid, with enough cold shoes to attaches whatever you need.

Another unique item is the Joby Swing, which will give you a different look to your vids adding in some side to side or front to back motion, like a slider. Reviewed here
Moving up the line, the Pivo Max will track you as you move around the environment. Using Face or full body tracking, your content just got an upgrade as this becomes your camera assistant and one person vids are even easier. Full review , here.

When you create inside, the Joby Beamo Studio Deluxe set-up gives you not only a height adjustable flattering light, on a weighted stand, it includes a small color adjustable light to separate you from the background. Full review here.

Lume Cube has been in the content creator space, for a long time and their latest Ring Light Pro has help define great indoor lighting, for video. The main unit cover a larger space than the Beamo, so depends on what you primarily shoot.
Cordless, plus remote control to set color temp and intensity. Battery is built in giving 70 min at full power.

I have tried a ton of lights, mounts, specialty items, mics, and all kinds of things in this category.

At home, it’s easy to store the rigs. On the mobile front, you will need a good place to stash it all and take out what you need to use in a particular situation.
Check out this Lowepro GearUp camera bag. Sure, made for cameras but great for storing all of the mobile creator tools in one place. You may have a particular bag you like for the storage, and this one works for me. ( bag photo right below is from the LowePro site.)

Here is what I stash in there: Joby Beamo light. Joby Swing, Platypod Extreme (goes on top), Platypod Handle. Beastgrip Pro, Manfrotto ball head, LumeCube phone holder, battery, plus assorted cables also get tossed in there. Basically, with most prime gear gear in one place, it’s simple to locate and take out what’s needed.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Next Gift Guide coming up!



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